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Welcome to the next exciting episode of the Theatre Thoughts Podcast, join host Justin Clarke as he sits down with the multi-talented Vidya Makan, composer, lyricist, actor, and singer, for an insightful conversation about her career in theatre and her involvement in the upcoming production, The Lucky Country at Hayes Theatre.


Vidya, known for her role as Catherine Parr in SIX: The Musical, takes us behind the scenes of this new Aussie musical that explores themes of identity and belonging. From hilarious all-Aussie characters to heartwarming stories of love and dreams, The Lucky Country is a celebration of what it means to be Australian.


During their discussion, Justin and Vidya delve into the writing process of the music for The Lucky Country, as well as the inspirations that shaped the sound of the show. They also explore Vidya's career in theatre, her journey as a lyricist and musician, and the impact of working with Sonya Suares on the production.


As the conversation unfolds, Vidya shares her insights on the changes in the theatre industry over the years and how they have influenced her work. She reflects on her favorite productions and what made them special, and reveals what keeps her inspired and motivated as a theatre artist. In addition to their in-depth conversation, Justin and Vidya also tackle some fun and thought-provoking One Minute Theatre Thoughts questions. 


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