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Our Mission

Promote, discuss and share stories from diverse creatives across the theatre scene, both in Australia and Internationally. As well as dive deep into the history of some of our favourite productions.

Our Vision

We envision our podcast to be the platform for artists across all areas of theatre internationally to share their perspectives on theatre in its many forms.

Our Values

We stand for:

- Integrity in all its forms: We want our guests to feel comfortable to speak about what matters to them most

- Fresh, engaging and colourful conversation: These aren't interviews, these are conversations, and as such we value the colour in all our episodes

- Passion: Our hosts and our guests all have passion for what they do, and this comes through in each episode

What is the Theatre Thoughts Podcast?

The Theatre Thoughts Podcast began in November 2021 as an accompaniment to the Theatre Thoughts Australia website.

Our first episodes began as a back and forth conversation on our favourite pieces of theatre and has since slowly transitioned into a platform to promote, discuss and feature upcoming, established, independent and professional artists and productions. This includes Leanne Cope (An American in Paris), Vidya Makan & Kala Gare (SIX the Musical), Kirsty Marillier (Orange Thrower), Yve Blake (Fangirls) and media call interviews with the likes of Natalie Bassingthwaite (Jagged Little Pill). 


The purpose of the Theatre Thoughts Podcast is to bring conversations with the artists and creatives in all facets of the theatre industry to the ears of our listeners. We focus on, and promote, those who are changing the landscape of theatre, and cutting out a slice of the theatre scene to share their story.

About the Host

Justin (he/him) is an writer, teacher, actor and (for a short time) European tour guide. Raised in Western Sydney, he always had an avid love for theatre and the spontaneous. This led him to seeking a career in drama teaching which allowed him to teach in the United Kingdom for three years where he nabbed himself a cheap West End ticket every weekend he could. Justin has developed his writing for publishers such as Theatre People and ArtsHub. His past theatre credits include directing Stiles and Drew’s Soho Cinders, the ‘brave’ Sir Robin in Spamalot for Arcadians Theatre and the French Taunter/Tim in Spamalot for Springers UK, ensemble in Footloose and Pirates of Penzance and his debut role as Muldoon in Jurassic: That is One Big Pile of Musical which took out the audience favourite award in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2015. As the years have gone by, Justin has taken a great interest in swallowing as much theatre as he can and bringing it to the masses through the establishment of Theatre Thoughts.

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Our Podcast

To make our podcast unique and appeal to a wide audience, we have a new structure to bring to our audiences.

As well as our regular, fabulous guests, we are introducing the new feature of Co-Hosts to our podcast episodes. We envision that having new and diverse co-hosts on across our episodes will bring flavour and colour to all of our conversations.
So, who could the co-hosts be? It could be anyone ranging from a theatre writer, upcoming director, an artist promoting a community theatre production, a radio presenter, a fellow podcaster, it could even be YOU!

If you want to be among our first lot of co-hosts, contact us now. Fill in the form below or email us at

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